CA Clothing Group

About Us


CA Clothing Group (Carpenter-Asem), established in April 2017, is a partnership between close friends Jordan Carpenter and Simon Asem. Striving for success has helped to strengthen the bond of not only our partnership, but friendship as well. Recognizing our keen sense of creativity and design, we have embarked on a journey of reshaping how you see clothing. All apparel from CA Clothing Group is selected solely for maximum comfort and style of the customer. Our motto is that we're just simply designing for your style and comfort. We want our customers to feel comfortable and confident in what they choose to put on their body. We would like to think of ourselves as different from other clothing brands because we desire to be solely for the people. We are not trying to mold anyone's image and make them feel as if they need to be high-profile in order to feel cool and accepted. We believe people don't think much about comfort when they buy clothing, and we'd like to capitalize on that again.